Wondering who we are?

AuthorCrafts is a classifieds for bibliophiles and students all across India with the sole intention of promoting the noble habit of reading among our fellow compatriots by making available to one and all the pre-used books at the cheapest of prices possible. With us you can compare prices, check availability, procure and put on sale all genres of books in different languages.

Why would you wanna try AuthorCrafts?

First of all we are a unique endeavour in delivering you the right space to vend and obtain books of your needs and desires.

With us you can save the enormous amount of time energy and money you might otherwise squander at different bookstores and online booksellers. There are many a platform from where you can buy books online, but the cost of the books may not always be what you can afford; your preferred online site may not always be the cheapest. So you may want to buy the book from somewhere other than your favorite stores and websites. Here is where we come in handy. AuthorCrafts help you directly get in touch with the seller of the book you are seeking, all in just a few clicks.

We ease the process of book search considerably by offering you the contact details of all the booksellers trying to sell off the book you are looking for with our Search and filter options that you can avail to check the availability of the book in the desired price range at the desired place. In short you cannot find the books you are after cheaper than here and easier than here.

How we are different?

We stand aloof from the similar classifieds services by operating with the sole intention of rendering books accessible to those in need of them sans expecting any monetary benefits. The only reward we seek for our meek endeavor is the sheer satisfaction in the cognizance that we have been able to help the readers in finding the book of their choice.

Our Green Concern

One of the prompting forces behind this enterprise is an environmental concern. With AuthorCrafts we strive to reduce the environmental consequences of paper manufacturing by affording the readers all across india an opportunity to make use of pre-used books without compromising their reading experience to electronic devices.